competitive drive injury prone self-doubt

What are my strengths and weaknesses, both physically and mentally?

Join me as I embark on a self-awareness journey to discover my strengths and weaknesses. From physical speed and agility to mental resilience and competitive drive, I'll reveal what works for me and what areas need improvement. Get ready to learn how I'm taking control of my game and transforming my performance - you might just find inspiration for your own path to success!
comparison creative journey self-doubt

What self-doubts or fears hold me back from sharing my art with others?

As an emerging artist, I've grappled with self-doubt and fear of exposure, rejection, vulnerability, comparison, and imperfection. But by practicing self-compassion, focusing on my why, taking small steps, and celebrating successes, I've learned to overcome these fears and share my art with others. Will you join me on this journey of creative growth and self-discovery?